Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gays sought to serve in the US military

Article by Marc Aupiais

Note by Marc Aupiais

Barack Hussein Obama's Democrats with some Republican support have passed a bill reversing an ancient ban on homosexuals in the US military, through both houses of parliament, just before the Democrats lose their historic majority in historic Republican gains from an electorate angry with Obama policies including on abortion in re healthcare and secondarily the economy.

The US President, Barack Obama is due to sign the bill into law soon, having successfully pushed it through a lame duck session of the US parliament, before the newly elected politicians reach Washington. The move is expected to help get support for Obama from the far left in American politics, but has raised the specter of Societal Engineering, and of a military not based on what best serves a country, but rather based on ideology and a right to fight- for some but still not for women. The military will have 60 days to enact changes when the bill is signed, although there are already reports of intimidation of military chaplains to teach their individual religions more in line with government policy according to the Catholic News Agency service.

One in five American men who have sex with men have HIV/AIDS, 4.4 of ten of these don't know. The suspected wikileaks source was a homosexualist who openly served in the US military and released the documents after a clash with his male partner.

Women are still not allowed to serve the US military on the frontlines, and a large number of personelle in the largely conservative military have said they will cut their terms short or not re-enlist. Pastors and priests who believe homosexuality is immoral- that being the majority serving US troops, who quoting the bible called it an abomination- have been told to be silent on their beliefs or leave the military.

The move has also been reported to the Muslim world and in Africa, where American objectives are already failing.

The Catholic bishop to the US military in accordance with Vatican rules and the Catechism of the Catholic church opposed the move.

Ironically, or intentionally, instead of imposing silence on homosexuals in the US military- the Obama administration is now silencing Christians.

Statistically those who engage in a homosexual lifestyle are more prone to suicide or other anti-social behaviour, and have a very high prevalence of STDs, and promiscuity according to medical statistics. HIV prevention medication is often tested on this group- considered the canary on the mine when it comes to STD infections.

South Africa has both homosexual and HIV positive personelle allowed on the front lines. The military is considered ageing, under staffed and not fit for combat by experts.

America also passed a 750 billion military spending budget- the largest in history, even though experts across the world including American wikileak leaked cables state that America cannot win the war in Afghanistan, and has yet to stabilise Iraq according to experts on the ground and elsewhere.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No need for killing foetuses at all- with new Stem cell treatment

Note by Marc Aupiais

In the past it has been claimed there is a need to harvest stem cells from abortions to compare with adult stem cells moved back. Embryonic stem cells often cause cancer, adult stem cells (not from aborted human beings) were seen as the safest. If it is confirmed, a new method which involves straight transfer from stem cells to needed cells may do away with that so-called not really need altogether:

"Canadian scientists have turned human skin cells directly into blood cells, the first time one kind of mature human cell has been converted into another, according to a study published last week in the journal Nature.

The transformation was completed without first rewinding the skin cells into the flexible pluripotent stem cells that have most frequently been used to grow tissues. By skipping the pluripotent step, the researchers believe they have skirted the risk that the replacement cells might form dangerous tumours.

The team created blood progenitor cells - mother cells that multiply to produce other blood cells - as well as mature blood cells, according to the report. Both types of cells could be useful in medical treatments, said study leader Mick Bhatia, a stem cell scientist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario."

in reference to: IOL Technology - A world first for stem cell research (view on Google Sidewiki)


November 16, 2010 -
With an election without precedent Timothy Dolan has become the new president of the Bishops' Conference of the United States.

For the first time was not elected vice president, in this case Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson in Arizona, but his main "opponent", Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York."

(automatic translation from Italian.

in reference to:

"Unprecedented November 16, 2010 - With an election without precedent Timothy Dolan has become the new president of the Bishops' Conference of the United States. For the first time was not elected vice president, in this case Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson in Arizona, but his main "opponent", Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York."
- Palazzo Apostolico - Diario Vaticano Paul Rodari »Blog Archive» Unprecedented (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, September 27, 2010

USA links women with homosexuals at the UN

(SACNS Americas News; Social Justice South Africa)

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SACNS background quotes:

Barack Obama's UN Ambassador lumps women with gays: endangering efforts to promote women's special interests! - SACNS Quotes Analysis - 27 (28th in RSA time) September 2010

Why America's lumping of gay and women's rights damages equality - Aupiais Site reviews - 27 (28th in RSA time) September 2010

Why promoting homosexuality costs lives? HIV AIDS for one! - SACNS Quotes Analysis- 27 September 2010

Homosexuals the typhoid Mary of HIV AIDS - Aupiais Site Reviews - 27 September 2010

Article by Marc Aupiais

Rosemary DiCarlo who is the United Nations Ambassador for host Nation the United States, has decided to risk women's rights, so often abused: for the sake of pursuing homosexual special interests.

She has replaced violence against women: a very direct condemnation of practices so widespread, with sexual and gender-based violence in a speech given to the United Nations this past weekend.

A recent federal study in the United States of America, found that one in five so-called homosexuals and so-called bisexuals were infected with HIV, with forty-four out of one hundred of these infected unaware of their condition. That is twenty times the national average.

Discrimination against homosexuals is often linked to HIV aids, and to the high suicide rates in the given population and among children adopted by them.

Abortion, has a real economic cost and affects demand and supply ratios.


Linking women with homosexuality, and separating sex and gender, are moves which are sure to create animosity in the United Nations. It is also sure to put women's rights back centuries.

Friday, August 20, 2010

An Archbishop, a Mosque and the New York Mayor

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

SACNS Quote Analysis:
The Mosque that divides America

As Europe debates banning Islamic symbols, for the sake of women's, and feminist special interest campaigns, and cultural special interests, America is considering the placement of a Mosque by the September 11 site. The Democratic party, with Islamic constituencies (and two Muslim lawmakers), is taking the gamble of supporting the mosque by what to many Americans is something that has largely seemed to have been seen as a sacred site- a memorial of sorts. A memorial so strong, that it has been the basis of war after war, and the cause of many American deaths, as American special interests are pursued against Islamic special interests group Al Qaeda, and those accused by America of being their allies. Wars on a loose group of alleged allies whom the West has accused of using terror tactics.

Whether the mosque will increase the position of those opposing Islamic special interests, or increase the position of those supporting Islamic special interests, is at the heart of the position of the Catholic archbishop of the area of which it's concerned. In his view, building a mosque by the site, may harm Islamic special interests. He sites a Catholic example, where a Catholic building was not kept, but abandoned nearby a German concentration camp, this out of a view that it was most prudent at the time not to keep the given nearby site for religious purposes. This given the sensibilities, especially due to the positions of some of those promoting Jewish, and other special interests, after the Second World War. Sensibilities which had extended right into 1993, when Pope John Paul II, had the site abandoned.

That is to say

"Speaking during an impromptu news conference at Covenant House, a Catholic shelter in Manhattan for homeless youth, Archbishop Dolan invoked the example of Pope John Paul II, who in 1993 ordered Catholic nuns to move from their convent at the former Auschwitz death camp after protests from Jewish leaders.

“He’s the one who said, ‘Let’s keep the idea, and maybe move the address,’ ” the archbishop said. “It worked there; might work here.”"
JAVIER C. HERNANDEZ, writing for the New York Times (secular; Independent; American; Allegedly promotes Democratic party special interests)
18 / 08 | August / 2010

The Archbishop is referenced by the New York Times, as claiming his feelings on the mosque are not strong, and that he is prepared to mediate for the two sides. New York Mayor, the former Democrat, then Republican, now an independent: Michael Bloomberg, had a Catholic priest standing by him when he stated his belief that the building of the mosque was to be allowed, as a matter of legal rights, according to the New York Times.

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