Monday, September 27, 2010

USA links women with homosexuals at the UN

(SACNS Americas News; Social Justice South Africa)

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Article by Marc Aupiais

Rosemary DiCarlo who is the United Nations Ambassador for host Nation the United States, has decided to risk women's rights, so often abused: for the sake of pursuing homosexual special interests.

She has replaced violence against women: a very direct condemnation of practices so widespread, with sexual and gender-based violence in a speech given to the United Nations this past weekend.

A recent federal study in the United States of America, found that one in five so-called homosexuals and so-called bisexuals were infected with HIV, with forty-four out of one hundred of these infected unaware of their condition. That is twenty times the national average.

Discrimination against homosexuals is often linked to HIV aids, and to the high suicide rates in the given population and among children adopted by them.

Abortion, has a real economic cost and affects demand and supply ratios.


Linking women with homosexuality, and separating sex and gender, are moves which are sure to create animosity in the United Nations. It is also sure to put women's rights back centuries.